Around Magliano-in-Toscana: The Maremma Coast

Maremma, Tuscany is known for its various displays of nature: from hilltops to ocean breezes this region of Tuscany is deep-rooted in culture and history. It is home to phenomenal wine estates, hill villages and fortress-harbours. There is no shortage of breathtaking sites to see in Maremma, Tuscany.

Giannutri Island 

Giannutri Island

Since the Roman Empire, the small island of Giannutri has been a beautiful location on the Maremma coast. A perfect destination for relaxation, the beaches and grottos are picturesque with beautiful crystal water and a mild climate. If a long day at the beach isn’t what you’re looking for, the island hosts many activities like scuba diving, fishing, and hiking.

The island and its surrounding marine environment are a part of the Arcipelago Toscano National Park and marine sanctuary. The Giannutri lighthouse, Punta Rossa, is placed in the southernmost part of the protected island at the height of 61 meters. The island is also home to a historic Roman villa known as Villa Domizia. Seeing as it was built in the last half of the second century A.D., there is plenty of archaeological evidence here of shipwrecks, weapons and ruins that show the island was inhabited prehistorically before the Romans and Etruscans ever came.

Because of its historical richness, there are many off limit zones on the island, with the Roman villa being one of them. However, Giannutri Island is still very worth the treck out to the ocean. It is a paradise for scuba divers and much of the island’s beauty can still be seen with a private guide through the Maremma tourism office.




Saturnia is known for its thermal baths that range from Mount Amiata to Talmone. Saturnia rests ontop of a hill in Maremma that overlooks the famous springs. The thermal baths have many therapeutic properties due to the minerals that flow throughout the 37.5 °C sulphurous waters. Legend has it that the springs formed from Zeus’ thunderbolt during a fight with Saturn, the god of agriculture.

Because of its inherent ability to be a touristic attraction, exclusive wellness centers and spas have been opened in Saturnia. However, they do not have full reign. The two outdoor waterfalls Cascate del Mulino and Cascate del Gorello are the most famous springs in Tuscany. They consist of several pools of sulphurous, warm water and they are completely free and open to the public. Saturnia and its relaxing thermal baths are a cant-miss location in Maremma, Tuscany.


Etruscan Cities 

Etruscan Cities

Previously home to the Etruscans, Maremma hosts the remaining Etruscan cities, the most famous being the Etruscan city of Roselle known for its archaeological history. Still remaining in Roselle is a boundary wall that dates back to the 6th and 7th centuries B.C. Roselle was home to a large forum, amphitheater, thermal baths, and a basilica.

Populonia is another Etruscan city that remarkably overlooks the Mediterranean. It lies at the highest point of the Monte Massoncello peninsular. Populonia proudly boasts an extremely well-preserved 15th century medieval fortress to protect against the Barbary pirates of the time. When exploring Populonia, you will become fascinated by the 3,000-year-old tombs built within the cliffs. The burial tombs and shrines were built into the solid rock.


Diaccia Botrona 

Diaccia Botrona

This natural reserve in Maremma expands over 1000 hectares and is home to many wildlife creatures. The land is teeming with flamingoes, egrets, cranes, osprey and many others. The reserve is known for its bird watching due to the variety of species inhabited on these wetlands. Because of its marshy qualities, one might come across interesting mammals as well including hedgehogs, porcupines, turtles and grass snakes.

Within this natural reserve, there is also a modern multimedia museum in the Casa Rossa. It was built to keep Lake Prile from being drained completely by the Grand Dukes of Tuscany in the 18th century. Now this museum is a phenomenal observation point for the bird and animal watching as well as an important center for information and research.

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