Stuck Emotions: Creating Havoc on Your Interpersonal Life

When emotions get pushed aside they can become “stuck” and continually weigh down on you affecting your mental and physical state even destroying relationships and happiness.

You know those moments where you can’t even rationalize how angry you are? You guessed it, stuck emotions.

By leaving your emotions unprocessed, they stay buried in the body.

These emotions are literally trapped inside you and they are taking over! Emotionally, anything can trigger these intense emotions of anger, sadness, frustration, etc. leaving you vulnerable to rushes of negativity.

In turn, you are pushing friends, family, and loved ones away in your unbalance. Having a relationship with someone who carries the burden of stuck emotions can be extremely tiring and weighty. Your body can become tense as these emotions become trapped in your body causing you physical pain. Happiness will become harder and harder to achieve as these stuck emotions begin to slip into your daily thoughts. Nothing but destruction comes from stuck emotions.

Owner of Inspired Life + Business, Bec Robbins, speaks about her own experience with stuck emotions as being hurtful in aspects of her life such as marriage.  In turn, she has come to the following conclusion:

“High, positive emotional frequencies are magnetic by nature, so the more consistently we can lift our emotional vibration the more we experience a healthy body, fulfilling relationships and careers and of course, more prosperity and abundance, “ says Robbins.

Psychodrama is a useful method of expressing these emotions that are stuck in order to heal and move on.


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