The Power of Unblocking with Psychodrama

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In the vast growing world of self-actualization there is a plethora of studies and medical research that point to the overarching understanding that psychodrama therapy yields results. Not only are these results prevalent from the first moment, but they are long-term as well.

So with all of this research the question you may be asking is:

What is psychodrama? 

Psychodrama is a form of psychotherapy that aims to use active therapy to alter behaviors by acting out past events to gain a new perspective.

Psychodrama sounds a bit frightening even by the name alone, but medical researchers have found the benefits of psychodrama to an enormous amount.

Trauma is stored in the body  

Traumatic events can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are completely unique to every individual. These moments of utter distress can cause physical responses such as sweating, racing heart and blurred vision. But they also hold an emotional toll on the mind as well. When you are given the opportunity to act out these traumatic experiences you are able to embody the emotional and physiological reaction of that moment into a safe place. This safety brings about an understanding of inner self that helps to overcome the helplessness and fear you once felt, and release this into the atmosphere to bring clarity to mind.


Once you find yourself in the role-play of your own life, moments and feelings from the past can often come back stronger than expected and unravel as you dive deeper and deeper into the scene.  The act of action method in therapy goes hand in hand with the inevitable creativity and spontaneity that you have within you. This creative freedom will combine with your emotional vulnerability to allow you to make new realizations that may have otherwise been buried.

According to Zerka Moreno, the co developer of ,

“Spontaneity is defined as a new response to an old situation, or an adequate response to a new situation. Creativity, which is its twin idea, is creating something that wasn’t there before.] Think of this guy Bill Gates. He’s created a whole new world! It wasn’t there before.”

Becoming Self Aware 

Finding yourself in different untapped roles of the past allows for new perspectives to come to the surface and allow you to step outside and observe yourself. This action of viewing who you are in the eyes of others allows you to not only understand the significance of others in your life, but also to view your own self on a more personal level. Day-to-day life doesn’t allow for much introspection, but psychodrama can allow you access and a chance to understand yourself and the unhealthy patterns in your life.

The opportunity to grow is one that we cannot allow us to pass us by, and finding your authentic self is a rare instance to encounter. Give yourself the opportunity to make a lifelong change and find your best self!

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