The Trickery of Triggers

In an era where romantic love has surpassed the importance of convenient love, and social media allows us to express every facet of what we feel to the public, there still seems to be the issue of dealing with unprocessed emotions. These are the emotions we store without recognition or realization until they are stuck within ourselves waiting for escape. But what causes the escape? What triggers their release?

Being triggered is the equivalent of a doctor hitting your knee with their tiny hammer. The cause may have been something small and insignificant, but it offered a release in some form. The action is without hesitation and without thought – the result being mayhem.

Unqualified outrage, strange bursts of emotion coursing through you body in forms of anger, sadness and other feelings left unearthed until now. A destruction of your emotional state due to a lack of upkeep and realization, and has lead to a negative spiral.

At points like this a trigger can be any single thing that can allow a release in some form for these emotions. A stubbed toe, a missing key, an item forgotten at the grocery store, anything and everything to allow the emotional release needed. There is no rhyme or reason to this response because it is a reaction so fast it often leads to confusion.

A trigger is a sign of emotional neglect and can be determined by what triggers any form of that emotion you have left buried within yourself.

It is through introspection, willingness and a true delve into your emotional capability to understand how to work with and avoid these triggers. Unleashing your inner ability and care for your emotional well-being can lead to an enjoyable self-awareness and sense of you.


In our upcoming retreat: “Awakening the Authentic Self“, we will be addressing some of the triggered emotions and what they represent for you. These emotions can often block our progress thanks to their connection to a traumatic part of our personal history. If you think you are being triggered in your life, when you just want to move on, please consider attending our workshop on September 28, 2016 in Tuscany. Learn more.