Claudia Palmira Presents a Talk on Sober Pleasure at iCAAD Rome

Restart Retreats co-founder Claudia Palmira appeared as an international speaker at the iCAAD Roma conference on April 7, 2017.

iCAAD, which stands for International Conference for Addiction and Associated Disorders, is an ongoing conference held in four major European cities—London, Brussels, Paris and Rome—that aims to encourage an open dialog about addiction and other related disorders. The panels focus on incorporating the important aspect of mental and emotional health when discussing addition.

Restart Retreats co-director Claudia Palmira speaking at iCAAD Rome.

Claudia, as a representative of Restart Retreats, gave a talk titled “The Pleasure Principle in Emotional Sobriety” and led a guided meditation for the audience. Other speakers included psychologists, addiction counselors, and heads of nonprofits.

“Shades of Healing”, a slide from Claudia Palmira’s presentation: Pleasure in Emotional Sobriety.

Claudia also served as a delegate to iCAAD London, which was held on May 1-3. Like the Rome conference, iCAAD London featured speakers and delegates from many different countries with broad variety of scientific, psychological, and spiritual perspectives on addiction and mental health. Restart Retreat posted live videos from the event on our Facebook page

Restart Retreat postcards awaiting the iCAAD participants in Rome.