Valerie Simon writes in Psychology Today about Emotional Intimacy

Psychology Today recently published an article by Restart Retreats pyschodramatist Valerie Simon, LCSW, PAT:  Four Ways Psychodrama Creates Emotional Intimacy, This visionary modality rewires the brain. Psychodrama is a central feature of our upcoming October 2017 Retreat: Actualizing the Authentic Self.


Psychodrama is a therapeutic method created almost 100 years ago by an innovative Eastern European psychiatrist named Jacob Moreno.  This experiential treatment, often used in group settings, creates breakthroughs for couples as well.

As Moreno was developing psychodrama, he wrote a poem called Invitation to An Encounter.  In it, he described “a meeting of two” where each person reverses perspective with his/her partner to gain empathy. He wrote, “Then I will look at you with your eyes/and you will look at me with mine.

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