About our Vision for Restart Retreats

Claudia and Valerie share a little about their vision for Restart Retreats and their reason for choosing Italy for their October experience.


Hi I’m Claudia

And I’m Valerie

And we’re going to talk to you about Restart Retreats

A little personal note: We had a vision for Restart Retreats a long time ago. I think it’s been seven years.

Yes, it was – it has.

We had our first Retreat last year.

Thank god we both understand that “time takes time.” We didn’t want to give up on our dream. We didn’t want to do something half way.

We knew we had to wait for the right location to just create the environment we knew we had to have for these retreats to be successful, soothing, and healing.

Yes, the location had to be beautiful, had to be, as you said, calm and peaceful.


Secluded, so that when you went there you were inside and away from the outside world. And that the food was really delicious. The place that we are hosting the Retreat is beyond these things, it is beyond our expectations. Our workshop space – we needed the proper room in order for Valerie to lead psychodrama and experiential work. She has certain needs as well, right? A certain kind of room.

First of all there has to be enough space, because the kind of work that we do is experiential, so you’re not just sitting in a chair the whole time, you get up and you’re moving around a little bit. It had to be private. What’s amazing about the Retreat location is you open the window and it’s just like a painting outside –

– the hills that roll down to the ocean.

– it’s beautiful. I still remember driving up the hill the first time when we got to the Retreat space, the first time I saw it. I just – my mouth dropped because it was just stunning and healing. I feel that is an element, really, of our Retreat is our beautiful location and beautiful Retreat center.

In fact there is some tote bag or some touristy thing sold in Italy that says “I don’t need therapy, I just go to Italy.” Because there is something about the Italian combination of sun and breeze and beauty – simplicity – that calms the spirit.

It really does

And add on to that the depth of the work that we offer. This was our dream – to combine these. Restart Retreats is our vision coming true, and we thank you for being part of it.

It’s healing work in a healing location.


Hope to see you there.