Deserving a Retreat

Valerie Simon and Claudia Palmira discuss why investing in yourself is vital – but how our fear and insecurity can stop us.

Transcript of Deserving a Retreat

Hi I’m Claudia

And I’m Valerie

And we’re here to talk to you about Restart Retreats

In beautiful Central Park.

In gorgeous Central Park

Why do you deserve to go on Retreat? Why is it practical to invest in your own self-care – at an extraordinary level?

And that deservability – what gets in the way of thinking that we deserve to take care of ourselves and really delve into the blocks we have that are getting in the way of why we are not living the authentic life we want to live.

I personally, whenever I have done something really special for myself, like go on Retreat, or take a break, or take some days off, etcetera, I have never looked back. I’ve never looked at the price tag afterwards and said, nope I wasn’t worth it. I’ve never thought of that time as lost. Because when you are actually on Retreat, it’s so much more than just that. It’s magic, it’s profound. So what about fear?

Fear I think is in that procrastination – Oh, I’ll do it next year… No, no, no – when my child gets to be this age, then I’ll go… Or, when I save this much money, then I can do it. But really I think what often is underneath that, is just fear. What am I going to discover if I really look inside? What’s really getting in the way of me manifesting the life I want? What is holding me back from finding the love, the relationship, career, the city I want to live in, the town I want to live in, all these different things. We can just keep going  – I know I’ve done this myself – and sort of accept mediocrity in our lives.

I mean it’s a very dysfunctional mindset. Sometimes we’ve grown up in a place where we’ve been taught other things. We are just like, “We’ll just shuffle along, we’ll just figure it out. We’ll just put up with that” –

Unacceptable things in our lives –

Right, and not reach – reach for the pleasure, reach for the joy in a new way – which might be uncomfortable at first.

I think deep down we do know somewhere in there – sometimes we can ignore that part of ourselves – but somewhere in there is the authentic life we know we can have, but we don’t know how to give it to ourselves.

This is what we want to do. And that you deserve it. We want to offer the opportunity, the space, the workshops and the environment to access that place inside yourself.

And to have this really safe community we will help to create, where you can just let down, let go of everything else that’s going on in your life and just go inside, just focus on you, in a beautiful environment.