Healing Codependency

Valerie Simon, LCSW, PAT and Claudia Palmira discuss the power and necessity of recovering from codependency, which is often the root of addictive behaviors and dysfunctional relationships.

Full transcript of the video:

Hi I’m Claudia

And I’m Valerie

And we’re here to talk to you about Restart Retreats

And today our topic is..


A big one.

A really big one, a really important one. I think, really, the keystone.

Kind of the root of a lot of things we don’t even realize sometimes. Right underneath addictions, we might have issues with drinking, or issues with gambling,

Anorexia, overeating, overworking

We could go on!

And maybe we get to a place of recovery where we’re not acting out in those ways anymore. But, our relationships are still not happening the way we wish they were. And often what’s underneath – maybe always, I could even go as far as saying,.

Well I’ve heard that, Not every codependent is an addict, but every addict is a codependent.

Totally agree. It’s really true. Underneath it all is, as we say, disease of relationships.

And also disease of connection to yourself. Because it’s not just about how we relate to other people, it’s also how we relate to ourselves and how we feel about ourselves. When you grow up in an environment that not supportive of your true self, your authenticity, then you can can get painted into a corner your whole life into thinking that’s exactly how your life needs to be lived. Is that right?

Oh, absolutely! And then how it manifests externally – you’re feeling not great about yourself because of all the things you just mentioned. Then you find yourself  in work relatioships, in romantic relationships and friendships that really manifest how you’re not feeling so good about yourself inside. One-sided relationships, where you feel like you’re always giving and the other person is taking. Feeling like people let you down when you really need them, but you’re always there for others. Those types of things.

Or not feeling seen, not feeling heard. Or else, simply finding yourself constantly repeating these situations that you really, really want to change and don’t want to be in .

A feeling of disconnection, a feeling of loneliness, isolation.

Recovery encompasses also the idea of recovering your true self. Psychodrama, in my experience and in our experience together, is one way to really undo the knots that these codependent patterns form.

Again, they talk about in recovery peeling off layers of the onion. I personally and I’m guessing you might agree, haven’t seen those layers get peeled more quickly than with experiential modalities like psychodrama.

The other thing is that there is a spiritual aspect. Because in a lot of recovery programs having a spiritual program and connection is vital. This is also part of what we offer – not in an overt way, but through the beauty of our surroundings, the peace. The fact that we offer meditation excersies as well on our Retreat is a really big part of it.

Absolutely. Ways to release the old wounds, the old traumas – we leave them there in this beautiful setting. So we can leave refreshed, with a sense of freedom, exhiliration and excitiment. To got back to our authentic self – to really, go within to find our authentic selves and then create that life to manifest that when we leave to go back to the world.

Yes. We invite you to come to undo the knots with us

In beautiful Tuscany.