Dealing with Resistance

Valerie Simon, LCSW, PAT and artist Claudia Palmira continue their video series with this discussion on resistance – when it comes up and what to do with it.

Transcript of the video:

Hi everybody. I’m Claudia

and I’m Valerie

And we’re here to talk to you again about Restart Retreats.

So, today we want to talk about resistance. Resistance is really a big deal.

When we are wanting and desiring something in our lives, something new, something for us, a new way of being – whatever it is, we encounter this thing called resistance. It’s almost palpable – the ways we can block ourselves and create scenarios where we can’t do or get to what we want to do for ourselves.

Or even self-sabotage sometimes. Instead of taking the next right action we end up doing things that just undo it; or take one step forward and three steps back because we get I think really scared sometimes of change what it’s like to have a life we want, what it’s like to treat ourselves well, so many things like that.

Well, fear. I think fear is a big thing. Who am I going to be without this thing, this behavior, this aspect, or even just who am I going to be.

Things – we even if we know they are not working well for us, they’re familiar, and in some ways they can be safe. They can keep our lives small, but safe.

The comfort zone. The thing is, stepping outside of that comfort zone is what jostles things and melts them away. A lot of times, simply an action towards our dream and direction is what moves things enough so that it’s easier. But you can’t know it until you take that action.

And, that it’s ok, that when were are in the midst of change, it can feel a little scary. It can feel totally exciting and it’s alright if we feel some fear and do it anyway. When you hear famous athletes, any one who is at the top of their profession talk, it’s not that they don’t get scared, it’s that they get scared and take the next right action and do it anyway.

Exactly. That is the easier-said-than-done formula.

That ties into what sometimes gets in the way of people about signing up for the Retreat. Right?

Exactly – because it’s an unknown – unless you are one of the ones who signed for the second time. But otherwise it’s an unknown .You don’t know who will you meet, what the psychodrama is going to bring up, you’re scared your worst secret’s going to be revealed. A few things I’ll say about that– which is, first of all, confidentiality. The retreat is a closed loop. Everyone makes an agreement there to keep anonymity and everyone’s stories that they hear in a completely confidential setting, including ourselves.

Yes, and we don’t share on social media, no one will ever know who comes to our Retreat.

There’s that – and also – people who sign up for the Retreat, are people who are like you, who want a make a change.

And open and excited about the process and maybe scared too – all of it. Bringing your authenticity whatever it looks like is ok.

Besides that, we offer also a truly beautiful place. The other thing is, the idea of doing the work. The work is up to you – you do as much or as little. We provide the opportunity. And whatever you put in is what you desire to put in. We are here to support your process, support your authentic life, your personal change for the better.

And taking that next right action, the results can be just beyond our wildest dreams. We really look forward to seeing you in Tuscany – next month!