Self Care – Why Now?

Claudia and Valerie share about the importance of investing in ones self-care and well-being in the moment. The positive ripples from taking time from your routine and focusing on your recovery and wellness are indescribably powerful.

Transcript of the video:

Hi I’m Claudia.

I’m Valerie

We’re here to talk to you about Restart Retreats. Specifically, why now? Why now. So, our lives happen. Every day, all the time. We have work, family, social, community, service, pets – we’ve always got these responsibilities in our full life. So, when is the right moment to take a break, go offline, be unavailable to these responsibilities and just be available for yourself. When is the right time?

And really it’s, I think, always now. Because when we don’t take care of ourselves, if we put everyone else in front of our own needs. I think it backfires. Certainly we have responsibility with children, we can’t just leave whenever we want to. But, with a plan, and with care, and with everything set up… If we don’t take care of ourselves, it just ends up causing a ripple effect in the wrong direction.

And on the other hand, seeing people last year on the Retreat really making huge arrangements for their lives to, let’s say pause, but at the same time, their responsibilities to be taken care, come on the Retreat and make that investment in themselves…

Take that Journey.

… All we’ve heard are amazing stories of positive ripples that happened from that. Just from that 4 days. We’ve designed the Retreat to be accessible and integrated into your life. We’re not talking about 2 weeks here; we’re not talking about 30 days here…

It’s a long weekend.

It’s a long weekend. It’s 3 nights and 4 days. And, we’ve also designed it so that in that time, we do a lot of work in that time. And yet you also experience the splendor and beauty

– Of Tuscany –

This was our vision, to create this kind of balance, as an invitation for people who we know – like ourselves – have really full lives.

And responsibilities. Sometimes our lives are full, but they’re not necessarily full of things that are feeding our soul. So iwe can also be, as they say, a human doing instead of a human being. And we’re not looking within, and we’re really depleted, but just run run run. I know, being a New York City person, I’m very guilty at times of doing this myself. Just being able to slow down and recharge the battery and doing it in such a beautiful environment in Italy – where – it’s just so picturesque there. It’s almost like just a painting.

And it goes in. The beauty of it just feeds your soul.

And the fresh food

It’s nourishing on every level. And this is our intention. This is not by accident. We have taken a lot of time to design the experience in this way.

Exactly, and this Retreat theme is about actualization. And this is our actualization of this Retreat really mirrors what we are trying to share with the participants. Doing those bits, planting those seeds, tending to them until they grow, over time really makes a difference.  You might be reading books, some people go to therapy or to 12 step meetings, or maybe haven’t done any of that but are interested in personal growth. This is really an opportunity for anyone to just come and delve within and really go on this deep, personal journey with like-minded people in a beautiful environment.

A beautiful setting. So if you have any questions about joining, we’re here. Contact us through our website, we’re more than happy to support your commitment to yourself – now.

We really look forward to seeing you there.