Why we’ve adjusted the 2018 Retreat format

Altering and adjusting your course in life is a constant practice. After two years of running our annual Retreat in Tuscany, we’ve listened and observed our participants. We take our clients’ experience very seriously – and work hard both before and after the Retreat to understand how to best serve and inspire during those special, healing days in Tuscany.

Here are some of the inspired changes we are making in 2018.

One extra day
In 2018, we will start the Retreat on Wednesday night at dinner, instead of Thursday at dinner. This will allow us a whole extra day – giving everyone much needed downtime between sessions. Each year, the Italian sun and the luxurious expanse of green lawn beckon us to just relax. Now we’ll have more time to do just that. The Retreat ends on Sunday after lunch as in each prior year.

Group walk
We will be integrating a group walk on the nearby trails in 2018 – what the Italians call a passeggiata. This lovely stroll allows us to enjoy the gorgeous vistas, but is also a way to insert gentle movement into the weekend flow.

Restorative yoga and movement
In previous years, we have incorporated movement within our Retreat workshops. This year, we will have additional movement-only sessions to encourage the release and restoration of the body. These gentle sessions are included in the Retreat program package.

Massage option
We’ve invited a local massage therapist to come during the Retreat to provide back and neck rubs. The intense work we do in our sessions can release sometimes years of old feelings and stored memories – and bodywork can assist in truly freeing yourself.

As always, our Retreat features high quality psychodramatic workshops in the extraordinary Tuscan setting. New friendships form, and positive feelings take the place of old thought patterns as we heal ourselves in this stunning context.

What area of your life could use some spaciousness? How can you truly listen to yourself and make some slight adjustments?