Valerie Simon writes in Psychology Today about Anger and Psychodrama

Psychology Today published an article by Restart Retreats pyschodramatist Valerie Simon, LCSW, PAT:  Psychodrama, an Experiential Treatment, Helps Diffuse Anger, Reducing anger opens up possibilities for compassion and connection. Psychodrama is a central feature of our upcoming September 26th Retreat: Embracing Our Authentic Joy.


How we communicate, especially in anger, matters. If a relationship has an emotional bank account, does our communication during stressful situations allow us to make emotionally supportive deposits or are we constantly withdrawing in anger and depleting our emotional supplies?

How a couple handles conflict can determine the outcome of a relationship. John Gottmann researched couples and discovered several predictors of whether a couple would stay together or separate after observing them communicate in a conflict.

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