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  • We invite you to join us if you would like to unhook yourself from cycles of pain, anxiety and a feeling of your life passing you buy, want like to make deep connections with others on this path. If you have any kind of emotional, spiritual or mental block that blocks you from joy in life… or if you are someone who enjoys self-exploration in new and beautiful contexts – like Tuscany – then this is a truly remarkable opportunity for you.

    This is a truly unique invitation to practice psychodrama in Tuscany and experience world-class healing at a reasonable price.

    If you desire to join us, we would love to have you! Please sign up on our mailing list to learn about early booking opportunities.

  • We have expanded our Retreat format to include an extra day, following our past Retreaters’ requests for more time at this beautiful location. While the Retreat is on set days – Wednesday to Sunday, the property owners may have availability before or after, though this is not guaranteed. There are many beautiful places in the area for touristic exploration and relaxation. Please contact us for more details.

  • The weather in Italy in late September can vary from warm, sometimes even hot, days to very cool evenings. Inside the ancient stone structure, the walls can retain cool, and you may need a scarf, sweater or light jacket. There is an unheated, outdoor pool, so pack a bathing suit if you think you want to swim. Towels are provided, but toiletries are not. We send a detailed pre-Retreat information sheet to our Retreaters.

  • The menus for the weekend are based on local, seasonal ingredients in an Italian country style. All the meals are organic and home-cooked in the farmhouse kitchen. Each meal will have gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan options. You may indicate your preferences when you book.

    There will be no alcohol served during the weekend, nor included in the cooking.

  • The success of the Retreat for you is in part contingent upon the group’s sense of safety, security, and togetherness. Arriving and leaving at the same time as the others is an important aspect of this cohesiveness. The Retreat is designed from Wednesday night until Sunday lunch.  Missing any amount of it would lessen the experience. 

  • There are no requirements other than a desire to attend and a willingness to stay through the end!

    We designed Embracing Our Authentic Joy for anyone who feels they would like to deepen their self-development in any way. We are here to support your path and dreams and to help you let go of any behaviors that are not serving you.

  • We do not have a strict “no device” policy as spiritual retreats often do – i.e., we will not collect your phone at the door. However, during workshops and meals, we ask that you leave your phones and devices in your room or turned off.

    We believe that disconnecting from the outside world, media and entertainment for three days will provide you with a space to go even deeper within – and we suggest it for a truly profound experience.

  • The full package rate covers:

    • daily psychodramatic workshops
    • all homecooked breakfasts, lunch, dinner and snacks
    • five days and four nights accommodations
    • creativity workshop
    • restorative yoga class
    • Retreat Aftercare Kit and reading materials
    • membership to closed Retreaters chat groups
    • Retreaters’ discount on future events and Retreats

    Reduced packages are available. Pricing plans are welcome.

  • We recommend that you attend the Retreat alone – without the responsibility of tending to your children. For four nights, we encourage you to ask for and allow for help in your childcare while you invest in yourself for the Retreat weekend. These breaks, though challenging to organize, are part of the self-care that allows you to be a better parent, partner and community member. 

  • The Retreat center does not allow pets inside the rooms. We ask that you leave your pet at home during the Retreat weekend. 

  • While the Retreat location feels like an escape – and there are certainly many tourist attractions surrounding the center – the Retreat days are devoted to your personal transformation and development. For this reason, we suggest that only the participating half of the couple attend the Retreat. There are many lovely inns and country houses in the area that we can recommend for accompanying partners. We welcome couples who want to participate together, too! 

  • The best way to arrive at La Capitana from major local city centers is by the Italian regional train to Grosseto. We have a shuttle pickup from Grosseto to and from the Retreat center on Wednesday and Sunday – to be arranged with us when you book the Retreat. Taxis are available at other times from Grosseto.

    Driving by car is also an easy way to arrive. The Retreat Center is a little over 2 hours from Rome. Cars can be rented at the major airports and cities. Directions can be found on our Logistics page.

  • The area around Magliano-in-Toscana is filled with gorgeous sites and landscapes. It’s part of the Maremma region, which is nationally-protected park land. Around the area, there are also Etruscan archeological sites, historic towns, and natural thermal baths (hot springs). Beaches line the coast, where you can visit some of the popular coastal towns like Porto Ercole and Orbetello. Sailing, windsurfing and boat tours are available in around the tiny islands off the coast. You can find out more information in this article, or request travel planning in your booking.

  • Yes! We are here to support your inner work and process. Please discuss the Retreat – before and after – with your therapist to integrate your experiences. After you book your spot, you will be provided an opportunity to share about your therapeutic process confidentially with Valerie Simon. 

  • This is not an official 12-step Retreat, but those in 12-step programs are welcome. Valerie Simon, LCSW, PAT, has extensive experience in her practice treating people with addiction using the 12-step approach: from alcohol, drugs, love, sex, debting, underearning and codependency. Through the transformative work and aftercare, you may discover or renew your connection to 12-step programs. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted during the duration of the weekend, and we ask that you refrain from addictive behaviors during your stay to maximize the experience for yourself and others. 

  • Time-permitting, Valerie Simon may be available for individual sessions during the Retreat. Following the Retreat, you may book Skype sessions with her from anywhere in the world to follow up your Retreat experience.

  • Yes, we will hold a space for an optional open 12-step meeting on one night during the Retreat. 

  • It will be hard not to take pictures of the beautiful Tuscan setting! Please feel free to take photos and videos of the landscape and property! Photos will not be permitted during the Retreat workshops and sessions. Please do not publish or share photos of anyone on the Retreat without their consent.

  • Psychodrama is an experiential method, and participants are often standing during the workshops, though we encourage breaks and seating whenever possible. Optional dance breaks are entirely up to the participant’s comfort and desire, and a restorative yoga session is meant to be soothing and decompressing. In all our activities, we remind you to be gentle and true to yourself and your body. If you have injuries or physical limitations, please let the facilitators know so that we can accommodate your needs.

Join us for our Third Annual Restart Retreat

Embracing Our Authentic Joy

September 26 – 30, 2018
Wednesday evening – Sunday midday
Magliano-in-Toscana, Tuscany (IT)

Inner Work, Outer Splendor