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You are invited to participate in an unparalleled self-development experience in beautiful Tuscany

Join us for our third annual Restart Retreat

Embracing our Authentic Joy

Five transformative days, three soulful nights in Tuscany

September 26 – 30, 2018.
Magliano-in-Toscana, Tuscany
with Valerie Simon and Claudia Palmira

About the Retreat

Imagine waking up in a Tuscan country room with high, beamed ceilings, the Tyrrhenian Sea in the distance outside your window. After a homemade breakfast of fresh, local ingredients on a farm table in an outdoor dining room, you adjourn with like-minded seekers to a spacious room, where music greets you. After a short guided meditation, you dive into experiential group activities that transport you a new dimension within yourself, to lay an unforgettable foundation for a new chapter in your life. You relax on the lawn chairs or around the pool, enjoying the views of the Tuscan countryside. Restorative yoga, creative arts play and an optional massage further release your inhibitions and fears. Country trails beckon you for a stroll. Sunsets are better than any show – the trees, flowers and hills frame the stage for your newfound peace. The Italian night sky is brilliant with zillions of stars. You have come home to yourself.

Welcome to Restart Retreats!

Retreat Overview

For five days and four nights in the rolling hills of Magliano-in-Toscana, Italy, Valerie Simon, LCSW, PAT, and Claudia Palmira will help you uncover the sober pleasures of bringing true, authentic joy to your life. Through daily reflection, psychodramatic work, self-exploration, and creativity, you will discover how to guide your inner self to outward joy in daily life.

About the 2018 Theme
It is easy to lose sight of everything that brings us happiness with the chaos of our daily routines. Between family, work, finances, and so much more, we lose sight of everything that has lead us to who we are, and what our deep pleasures and joy come from. In order to bring awareness and practical applications of happiness back to your real life though, you must first break away from real life.

By breaking away from the chaos of your daily life, your true inner self will be unleashed on a journey of honest self-exploration. Surrounded by an environment of encouragement and care, you will delve beyond your exterior self and expose what true joy can be. When you provide yourself an environment of honest communication, you can discover how to fully live your life in accordance to your pure, untouched nature of joy.

The mythical backdrop of Italy only heightens this intensely transformative experience. In an 18th-century stone farmhouse atop the hillside of coastal Tuscany, you will work to find true personal satisfaction and applications that will continue with you long after you have left the comfort of the farmhouse. This overwhelmingly beautiful and unpretentious ambience allows you to touch on what is holding you back in order to embolden you to live a life guided by true joy.

All meals are homemade in the farm kitchen with all-natural, locally-sourced ingredients. A large outdoor green space, pool and local trails provide relaxation and decompression during the retreat. Both private and shared rooms are available

There is deep and pure passion within you, all it takes is providing yourself a roadmap to find it. Bring your values to the forefront of your actions through an empowering look into the inner workings of who you are.

Uncover your passionate joy within.


From our 2017 participants:

“The location is breathtaking. Tuscany is a magical place to unplug. The perfect safe space to allow myself to be open and honest with new found, like-minded friends.”

“You did a fabulous job!”

“An annual appointment to check in with myself and with friends. Thanks to you, Claudia & Valerie!”

“It’s been an amazing experience at a beautiful location with two lovely and gifted women.”
– Adriana

“Thank you for creating such a safe and supportive group space for my healing process.”
– Tina 

“Loved the Retreat.”
– Tim

“Thank you. I really appreciate that this was available in Europe, as I would have had many excuses to avoid going to the US for this type of Retreat.”
– Anjon 

From our 2016 participants:

“I’m riveted by the whole experience. When American professionalism and work ethics mix with the best Italy has to offer, setting and fresh food…  What a potent mix.  Your vision came to fruition in such a flawless way.  I’m so moved and so grateful and so honored.” 
– Carole

“Thank you for this amazing gift you have given me (us) of the retreat. I feel so happy and light and full of hopes and dreams. My heart is bursting with love for life.”
– Katia

“An unbelievable experience.”
–  Sarah

“Unforgettable. Powerful. Empowering. The experience of a lifetime. Thank you all.”
– Tamara

“An immense gift of a lifetime – that I gave myself.”
– Frank

Video series about Actualizing the Authentic Self

  • Your Gift to You

    The benefits of going away on Retreat – and why our Tuscan Retreat location is so ideal!
  • About Valerie and Claudia

    Restart Retreat founders introduce themselves and their collaboration.


We can promise that this experience will positively impact your life based on the success of the therapeutic and creativity techniques that we incorporate in the program of this experience. The more you put into this weekend, the more you will experience a change in your life. The connections you make here will support your ongoing journey. 


The Retreat takes place in an 18th-century farmhouse amid acres of olive groves and farmlands on a hilltop with breathtaking views of the Tuscan countryside. Even the famed coast of the Argentario is visible in the distance. A large lawn, nearby walking trails and an outdoor pool provide true relaxation immersed in nature – a magical setting for the deep work we do.


An onsite cook prepares daily homemade meals for our participants. The ingredients are locally-sourced from the surrounding Tuscan farm areas. The farm itself produces its own olive oil, jams and honey. We provide gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan options. All meals are included in the price of the weekend.

From our Blog

Join us for our Third Annual Restart Retreat

Embracing Our Authentic Joy

September 26 – 30, 2018
Wednesday evening – Sunday midday
Magliano-in-Toscana, Tuscany (IT)

Inner Work, Outer Splendor