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Join us for an unparalleled self-development experience in beautiful Tuscany

Actualizing the Authentic Self

October 5 -8, 2017.
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Magliano-in-Toscana, Tuscany
with Valerie Simon and Claudia Palmira

Testimonials from 2016

“I’m riveted by the whole experience. When American professionalism and work ethics mix with the best Italy has to offer, setting and fresh food…  What a potent mix.  Your vision came to fruition in such a flawless way.  I’m so moved and so grateful and so honored.”
– Carolina

“Thank you for this amazing gift you have given me (us) of the retreat. I feel so happy and light and full of hopes and dreams. My heart is bursting with love for life.”
– Catherine

“An unbelievable experience.”
–  J.

“Unforgettable. Powerful. Empowering. The experience of a lifetime. Thank you all.”
– T.

“An immense gift of a lifetime – that I gave myself.”
– Francesco

About the Retreat

The 2016 Restart Retreat – Awakening the Authentic Self – was a four-day long retreat designed to unblock you where you are stuck, that took place in Tuscany September 29 – October 2, 2016. After a wonderful success, Restart Retreats announces the 2017 theme:

Actualizing the Authentic Self

Using creative arts therapy techniques – psychodrama in particular –  our groups are gently guided to become aware of and release self-damaging cycles – including codependent behavior, negative self-talk and self-sabotaging habits. In their place, we provide tools on forgiveness, self-empowerment and authentic decision-making.

The experiences take place in an 18th-century stone farmhouse atop a gorgeous hillside in Magliano, Italy, which is in the the coastal region of Tuscany. All meals are homemade with all-natural, locally-sourced ingredients. A large outdoor space, pool and local trails provide relaxation and decompression during the retreat. Both private and shared rooms are available.

This is the first psychodramatic retreat in Southern Europe in the spirit of the Caron Foundation Breakthrough and Onsite retreats in the U.S.

Begin a new phase of your life on this magical hilltop in Tuscany.


We can promise that this experience will positively impact your life based on the success of the therapeutic techniques that we incorporated in the design of this experience. The more you put into this weekend, the more you will experience a change in your life.


The retreat takes place in an 18th-century farmhouse amid acres of olive groves and farmlands atop a tall hill with breathtaking views of the Tuscan countryside. On clear days, even the famed coast of Argentario is visible in the distance. A large lawn, nearby walking trails and an outdoor pool provide true relaxation immersed in nature – a magical setting.


An onsite cook who prepares daily homemade meals for our participants. The ingredients are locally-sourced from the surrounding Tuscan farm areas. The farm itself produces its own olive oil, jams and honey. We provide gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan options. All meals are included in the price of the weekend.

Save the Date!
October 5 – 8, 2017
Thursday evening – Sunday midday
Magliano-in-Toscana, Tuscany (IT)

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